About us

Islam in Iceland

The Muslim Association of Iceland (Félag múslima á Íslandi) was founded in 1997 by Salmann Tamimi, a Palestinian immigrant; it was officially recognised on February 25. Since 2010 the chair has been Ibrahim Sverrir Agnarsson and the current chairman is Issa Diene. As of 2014, the association had 465 members, but in 2022 it is estimated to have risen around 800, though many other Icelandic muslims remains unregistered. More than half were born in Iceland; perhaps 40-50 were born to non-Muslim parents.
The Muslim Association of Iceland currently runs the Reykjavík Mosque, a Sunni mosque on the third floor of an office building in Ármúli 38, Reykjavík.
It is always open for prayers and visitors and in the Holy month of Ramadan it organizes dinner Announcements to break the fast and also night prayers. It also offers weekly Friday prayers for Jumu'ah. In 2000 the Muslim Association applied to purpose-build a mosque in Reykjavík; after a long process, permission for building was granted on July 6, 2013.
Prayers are said in Arabic, but English and Icelandic are also widely used due to the diverse nature of the congregation. The Association regularly runs courses in both Arabic, Icelandic and also teaching the Qur'an.

Our Manifesto

Muslim association of Iceland is committed to upholding the commandments and orders of Allah. To protect, and promote the tradition (Sunnah) of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him). Muslim association of Iceland is dedicated to promote an Icelandic Muslim identity, and is committed to open-mindedness, diversity, enriching community, and encouraging dawah. To encourage religious, cultural, educational, and social services for the upliftment of mankind. To establish, protect, and maintain a local mosque (Masjid) and a school for the younger generation for the Muslim Community in Iceland.

Prayer Times

Al Khamees, 12 Shaʿbān 1445
  • Fajr06:49
  • Sunrise09:01
  • Dhuhr13:41
  • Asr15:37
  • Maghrib18:23
  • Isha'a19:53